Where Our Love Story Went Wrong

“What do you find the greatest joy in?”

I paused, thinking about what puts a smile on my face, what keeps me going every day, and what gives me the greatest happiness.

“I suppose I find the greatest joy… in you,” I said softly.

“Me too,” he said. Continue reading


When I Traded God For My Boyfriend

It didn’t happen immediately, but so gradually and subtly that we were completely oblivious to it.

We became so blinded in our love for each other that we didn’t see it coming.

It didn’t start out this way, of course. Even before we started dating, we intentionally sought the Lord’s will on whether we were right for each other. We prayed earnestly as we grew closer, as friends first and then later, tentatively, as partners. We encouraged one another with God’s Word, and prayed together regularly.

But over time, things changedContinue reading


Stop Telling Me I Need To “Find” Someone

Please stop telling me I need to find someone. When you drop subtle hints that I’m going to be “left on the shelf” if I don’t do anything soon, it makes me feel older than my 22 years. When you say that I need to find my other half, it makes me feel as if I were missing a part of myself I never knew existed. When you remind me that such-and-such a friend now has a boyfriend, it makes me feel like I’m unloved—when I know that it’s far from the truth. Continue reading


Are You Burnt Out, Bored and Barely Rested?

When I began working full-time earlier this year, I struggled with the long hours and intense work.

Having been a student pretty much all my life, adjusting to the transition of #adulting was—and still is—painful.

As a TV journalist working 12-hour shifts and weekends, I can go days without seeing my family; having any semblance of a social life is a privilege.

I constantly felt burnt out and exhausted from both work and having to interact with so many people on a daily basis. So all I wanted to do on my days off was to hide in my room and shun all human contact. I craved me-time—just me, my ice-cream, and Downton Abbey, that is. Continue reading