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Australia Dairy Company – Overhyped or Must-Try?

“No, it doesn’t sell Australian food; and no, it’s not really a dairy company,” I said to my puzzled mother, as we headed towards the cha chaan teng for breakfast.

Australia Dairy Company.

The permanently bustling cha chaan teng serves typical Hong Kong breakfast fare, such as thick toast, macaroni soup, milk tea and coffee, and its eggs.

Almost every Singaporean who travels to Hong Kong or who reads enough food review blogs would’ve heard about its silky smooth scrambled eggs.

The first time I came here on a Saturday afternoon, I was greeted by a long queue snaking outside of it. Thankfully, it moved pretty fast and we were able to get a table under 10 minutes. The second time round, I came on an early weekday morning, so I was able to get a seat almost immediately, although it was still filled to the brim. As with typical cha chaan tengs, expect to share tables with complete strangers.

ADC’s front windows lined with rows of its custardy milk puddings, which you can salivate over as you wait your turn.

Inside, gruff servers bustle around the fully packed restaurant, which has a classic old-school vibe to it. Expect no-frills service from the easily irritable waiters, who won’t hesitate to scold you if you so much as waste their time with questions. If you’re an indecisive eater who can’t speak much Cantonese like me, do your research beforehand. (As I told my friend and parents, “Grow thick skin before entering!”)

While their menu is in Mandarin, you can ask for an English one. Australia Dairy Company offers three set meals with slight variations to each: a breakfast, lunch and and all-day tea set. The first two sets offer eggs (fried/scrambled) with toast, macaroni or spaghetti soup, and milk coffee or tea.

My friend’s lunch set came with buttered toast, scrambled eggs with ham, ham spaghetti in chicken soup, and milk tea.

However, their spaghetti and macaroni soups are unmemorable, so if you want to save your caloric intake for only the best, I’d recommend ditching the sets and simply going for what they’re famous for: their scrambled eggs.

Australia Dairy Company's world-famous scrambled eggs.

Australia Dairy Company’s signature scrambled eggs.

Both times, I ordered the Ham Egg Sandwich (HKD$19, ~SGD$3.10), which can be toasted for just HKD$1 more. I recommend doing so. Somehow, toasted sandwiches just taste better here!

The Ham Egg Sandwich comes with a generous portion of pillowy soft eggs, fit snugly between thin slices of picnic ham and lightly buttered bread. The eggs were scrambled just right–they were slightly moist, light and buttery.

The Cold Steamed Egg White Milk Pudding (HKD$26, SGD$4.20) was mildly sweet and creamy, with each spoonful a delightful melt-in-your-mouth. While the custard is light enough, it is a dessert best shared.


So, is Australian Dairy Company overrated?

Honestly… yes.

Their scrambled eggs were perfectly done, I’ll admit, but they weren’t mind blowing. And while the milk pudding was no doubt delicious, the overbearing waiters and hectic environment don’t contribute to an overall pleasurable experience.

The moment you’re done with your last bite, your empty plates are immediately whisked away and you’re expected to pay up and leave. When I brought my mum here, I could tell she didn’t like it at all. It was too rushed, stressful and we left feeling not a little harassed.

But if you want to experience a typical cha chaang teng setup and service, go for it–it’s worth trying their scrambled eggs at least once.

If not, why come to Hong Kong at all, right?

Australia Dairy Company (澳洲牛奶公司)

47-49 Parkes St., Jordan (MTR Exit C2)
07:30 – 23:00 (closed on Thursdays)


6 thoughts on “Australia Dairy Company – Overhyped or Must-Try?

  1. Sounds like a bit of a scary place to go if unprepared or especially sensitive. :D Wow, I think I’ve seen those milk puddings around, but I always thought they were tofu desserts. And that overrated part…:D haha, unexpected. At the beginning of the post, I was already thinking that maybe it’s a place I should try out if so many tourists have talked about it.


  2. You should give it a try! It gives you a very atypical Hong Kong cha chaan teng experience, and the scrambled eggs are good. Just make sure you know what you want! :P


  3. Jun Liang says:

    wow! Just had my meal here too and it is really a bit too rushed for my taste. Queue in the morning is horrendous and I was forced to come at night to eat my portion of the “craze”. It is really nice and I am comparing the milk pudding to those in Ah Chew. The waiters kept staring at us(my family) while we eat and my parents got uncomfy so we left hurriedly.. Nice and honest comments you have in the post. :)


    • Hi Jun Liang! Thanks for commenting even though I don’t blog regularly, haha!

      The good thing about ADC, and this is true for Hong Kong in general, is that queues go very fast. The last time I went there, there were a lot of people waiting, but we got a table in under 15 minutes. And the service is fast, so the turnover rate is high. But like you said, the environment doesn’t really allow one to sit and idle about. It’s a little too stressful!

      I really like the milk pudding too! But I’ve never tried Ah Chew’s before. Which do you think is better?


  4. Jun Liang says:

    Heh. This is going to be a bit biased but I pick Ah Chew since they prepared food for local tastebud. It is less sweet and I like it that way. Quality wise they are on par. You should go visit one of these days! The queue there is pretty long nearer to midnight so go at 8-9pm might be better. :)


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