Legendary Hong Kong – A Taste of HK in Singapore

I love dim sum.

After all, that’s one of the main reasons why I chose Hong Kong as my student exchange destination.

So when I heard of Legendary Hong Kong, I just knew I had to visit it, even though it was located at the other end of Singapore: the west.

The restaurant is situated in Jurong Point’s Hong Kong Street, which has the feel of a vibrant Mong Kok street at night, with its brightly lit signboards and Chinese characters.


Can you spot Kowloon Tong? That was where my host university was and where I called home for four months. What memories…

There was even a Hong Kong train map, which I got very excited over.

This street must be some tourism joint venture with Hong Kong’s tourism board, since I spotted the latter’s name on a signboard somewhere along the ‘road’.

Perhaps there’s a Singapore Street somewhere in Hong Kong… hmm.

Legendary Hong Kong has four entrances corresponding to its particular food themes: roasted meats (as seen above), noodles and congee, dim sum and bing sutt (a traditional HK coffee house).


The interior of the restaurant had a cha chaan teng (HK cafe, lit. ‘tea restaurant’) feel, albeit a lot more spacious.

At the area where we sat, I sighed in reminiscence as I stared dreamily at the wall opposite, which was plastered with a scenic view of Victoria Harbour. There was also a television showing a TVB drama–a permanent fixture in any Hong Kong home.

It almost felt like I was back in Hong Kong!

As you can tell, my parents went a little overboard with the ordering…

Fluffy char siew buns filled with slightly charred and sweetened barbecued pork. A quartet of plump har gow bursting with juicy shrimp. Silky smooth porridge with liver slices. Fragrant lotus leaf glutinous rice filled with chicken, mushrooms, salted egg and preserved Chinese sausage. Icy cold milky tea. And many, many more.

Basically, dim sum paradise.


Congee with Pig’s Liver ($6.80)


My dad, the congee connoisseur. His verdict? The congee was silky smooth, and neither too watery nor too thick. The slivers of liver were perfectly cooked, and almost on par with that of Mui Kee Congee in Mong Kok, which my parents and I deem has the best liver porridge.


A serving of Wonton Noodle in Soup ($6.80)


Steamed BBQ Pork Bun (SGD$4)


The char siew bao was nothing to shout about. While it wasn’t fantastic, it wasn’t horrible either. Its filling could have been a little more generous.


Stir-fried Rice Roll with XO Sauce ($5.50)

For some reason, my dad really wanted to try this. I personally couldn’t appreciate it, since it just looked and tasted like radish cake (chai tow kway).


Rice Roll with BBQ Pork ($5)

I’ve had better: the chee cheong fun skin was too thick for my liking.


Custard Crust Bun ($1.30), also known as po lo bao (lit. ‘pineapple bun’).

I’ve personally never heard this being called a custard crust bun, but I suppose this title makes more sense since there’s no pineapple in it!

Though its hit the spot, the bun itself did not. It just tasted like a dollar bun found in any old pastry shop, with a chewy bread texture and a hardened sweet crust on top. Perhaps the version with butter would be better.


Hong Kong Style Red & Green Bean Ice ($4.50)

I was so happy to find this milky drink with both red and green beans stirred in, since it’s more common to find just the red bean version in Hong Kong.

While the beans weren’t mushy, I didn’t mind the bite either. I think we ordered this less sweet, since my family doesn’t really take sweet drinks.

Although I enjoyed it tremendously, in hindsight, a drink consisting of red and green beans, evaporated milk, sugar and ice isn’t exactly worth paying five bucks for.

But that pretty much encapsulates the entire meal: While Legendary Hong Kong had an extensive menu with bona fide Hong Kong chefs behind it, there were some hits and misses, but mostly many ‘meh’s, price- and taste-wise.

Would I return? 

Probably not, unless I were desperately missing Hong Kong, had a strong urge to stroll along its streets again, and happened to be in the west.

Otherwise, I’d much rather hop onto a budget flight bound for Hong Kong for the real deal.

Legendary Hong Kong

Jurong Point 2 Shopping Center, #03-80
63 Jurong West Central 3, Singapore 64833

Monday – Friday: 11:00 – 22:00
Saturday, Sunday & PH: 10:00 – 22:00


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