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I Have Depression and This Is What I Want You to Know

I never thought that I would have depression.

It seemed like something only strangers had. Even when a close friend of mine struggled with depression a few years ago, I couldn’t relate to what she was going through. I just thought of it as a really low period some people had and would eventually get out of, if only they tried hard enough.

Depression was a faraway concept, and “depressed” was a word I used casually when I felt particularly sad. I didn’t understand depression—until it happened to me. Continue reading


Pam, Wex & Rachel: Planning Picnics For Complete Strangers

First published on 19 November 2015 on YMI.

Imagine sitting cross-legged at a picnic beside a tranquil lake. The setting sun casts a warm hue of orange and pink in the sky. In front of you is a smorgasbord of home-cooked food: freshly baked bread with home-churned butter, garden salad that literally came from a garden, and melt-in-your-mouth beef braised in red wine. Deep conversations and laughter flow easily, and as the sky darkens, flickering candles illuminate the faces and smiles around you.

Oh, and you’re in the company of complete strangers.

Welcome to a typical Hygge picnic.

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How Jesus Saved Me (Part 2)

Before I fell in love with Jesus, I only prayed on three occasions: when I was in pain, when I was anxious, and when I feared death.

It is a natural impulse for humans to turn to God when we need him most, when we are desperate for someone–anyone–who can save us, when it hits us that ultimately, we are not the gods of our lives.

But when our pain subsides, nerves dissipate and fears fade, we forget that we ever cried out to him, pleaded with him and made bets and promises we couldn’t have kept anyway. Continue reading